We are thrilled to announce that SAS is migrating to an online Portal called Accommodate to manage the student accommodation process. With Accommodate, we anticipate the process will be more efficient and manageable for students, faculty, and SAS staff.

Please note that the process for receiving/managing accommodation letters is changing. 

Students will no longer email their accommodation letters to you. You will receive an email from SAS telling you that you’ve got an accommodation letter waiting for you.  You’ll click the link in the email to login to an online portal to access accommodation letters for students enrolled in your courses. You also will be able to view an overall course roster to see a snapshot of all your students with accommodations. 

We anticipate you will find this change will allow you to more easily manage student accommodations in your courses. 

You can watch a video about the process: 

Below you will learn how to:

  1. Access the SAS online portal (Accommodate)
  2. View student accommodation letters
  3. View course rosters with student accommodations listed

1—To Access the SAS online portal (Accommodate)

Step 1:

Follow this link to access the Accommodate system: https://emerson-accommodate.symplicity.com/

Step 2:

Select “Faculty” under “What type of user are you?”

Dialogue prompting indication if user is Student or Faculty

Step 3:

Use your Emerson credentials to log in. 

2—To View Accommodation Letters:

Step 1:

Email Notification: If a student requests accommodations letters for your course, you will receive an email asking you to login to Accommodate to view their accommodation letter.

You can also view Accommodation Letters by clicking Accommodation Letters on the home screen of Accommodate.

The site with an indication of where to receive accommodation letters

Step 2:

Click the Accommodation Letter to open. 

Example of official accommodation letter

Step 3:

You can scroll to the bottom to sign and save for your own records.

Please note: Your signature is not required to activate the accommodations. It simply acknowledges you have opened and read the letter.The Accommodation Letter will remain viewable in your portal.

3—To View Which Students Have Accommodations In Your Courses:

Step 1:

Log in to Accommodate and select Courses from the main menu on the left side.

Indication of where to select courses on the site

A list of courses you are currently teaching will appear. Select the appropriate course from the course list. 

Section of the website that shows courses you are currently teaching

Optional: Use the 'Semester' filter if you are attempting to view a course in a semester other than the current semester. 

Step 2:

Within the course information screen, select the Enrolled Students option. If a student has requested to use their approved accommodations in your class, accommodations will appear with the student's name.

List of enrolled students

We strongly encourage you to connect with students with accommodations to discuss how to best support their needs. 

Please reach out to SAS with any questions!