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Comedic Arts (BFA)

Study at a college—and in a city—that has helped launch countless successful comedy careers.

Comedy is a powerful, often life-changing art form. At Emerson, you have the chance to learn how to turn your passion for comedy into a thriving career. 

Our Comedic Arts BFA is the first degree of its kind in the country. It integrates comedic writing, performance, literature, media, and production. And ranges across the comedic formats, from sketch comedy to improv to stand-up to Shakespeare.

We believe that to make the world laugh, you must first understand what makes it tick. While this degree is intensely focused on comedy, it also remains rooted in the liberal arts, exposing you to a wide range of perspectives. We foster well-rounded triple-threats: writers, performers, and producers who are awake and aware, and whose comprehension of the world affords them the ability to comment through humor.
You’ll become immersed in a hands-on and multifaceted exploration of comedy, learning to practice the craft while exploring its historical, cultural, and theoretical dimensions as a global art form. We draw our courses and distinguished faculty from the departments of Visual and Media Arts, Performing Arts, and Writing, Literature & Publishing. 

Emerson’s comedic arts program prepares students for a very serious and very rewarding career in all aspects of comedy. At every turn, you will find a creative, collaborative, and supportive environment intent on fostering your individual comedic voice.