Majors & Programs

Communication Studies (BS)

Master the strategic communication skills needed to inspire and persuade people across industries and platforms.

If you’ve ever wished you could persuade a resolute official, change a friend’s mind, convince a colleague, or write a killer essay, you appreciate the power of compelling argument. You know the challenge of finding the right words and motivating others. You understand the value of having a mind, mouth, and keyboard that gets your point across and inspires people to act.

Our Communication Studies degree gives students the strategic communication skills that are instrumental in any professional setting and on any platform they choose—working on everything from corporate identity to electoral and public affairs campaigns. We help you prepare for roles in healthcare advocacy, negotiation, consumer rights, human resource management, and countless other fields that reward effective communicators. Our expert faculty members work closely with you to customize your plan of study to your specific career goals, or to guide you to one of our set tracks of study: Negotiation and Dialogue, Culture and Performance, or Rhetoric and Argumentation. 

Best of all, we connect you with incomparable internships and academic opportunities in politics, civic engagement, and other specialties, both in our vibrant city of Boston and elsewhere—including our internship-study semester in Washington, DC; our Civic Engagement semester; and our public diplomacy workshop in Mexico.

Emerson is one of the top communication schools in the country, in one of the best college cities in the world. There’s no better place for you to become a versatile communications professional.