Majors & Programs

Media Arts Production (BA/BFA)

From animation and photography to sound design and live events, learn film production from every angle in this comprehensive major.

It’s easy to conceive an idea but much harder to produce it. Emerson’s Media Arts Production major, within the Department of Visual and Media Arts, challenges students to see their vision through to completion and spans virtually every aspect of the creative process. From writing for television and cinematography to location sound recording and computer animation, its hands-on courses give students the flexibility to chart their own course—allowing them to focus on the skills that are most valuable to them and sharpen their skills as filmmakers, producers, writers, and makers.

In the first year of the program, you study the foundational history of media arts and production. In year two, you can select from courses in different production modes, criticism and theory, and writing for media. Year three consists of intermediate courses that deepen your knowledge of your areas of interest. In the last year, you choose courses that will significantly expand your skill set and shape you into an artist who is adaptable in any area of the field.

Juniors may continue to complete the Media Arts Production BA degree; or, they have the option of applying to pursue the BFA degree, in which they complete a yearlong project, reel, or portfolio capstone project by the end of their last semester—lending further depth to their visual media production experience. To be considered for this competitive BFA program, students must be in good academic standing with a minimum 3.0 GPA. 

Before and after graduation, you’ll benefit from Emerson’s extensive alumni network, which spans every medium and market in the entertainment industry in Boston, Los Angeles, and beyond. And when you do graduate, you will join the ranks of these creative luminaries—from Emmy-winning producers to influential media executives—and leave with the confidence you need to become a media maker of tomorrow.

Today, developing media is more relevant than ever. It’s time for you to share your voice and craft the stories, sights, sounds, and characters that will inspire audiences around the world. Apply to our Media Arts Production major and join the artists and leaders who will influence the media landscape.