Majors & Programs

Media Studies (BA)

Passionate about media as a social, cultural, or economic phenomenon? This degree is for you.

Everyone consumes media, but not everyone understands the impact it has on our lives. For those who are fascinated by film, streaming content, and the social impact of video games; who love to analyze and compare directors and genres; and who want to know how the latest platforms and devices infiltrate our consciousness—the Media Studies BA is for you. 

In this program, housed in the Department of Visual and Media Arts, you will experience media as an intellectual challenge. You will analyze it as a scholar, seeking to understand the origins of modern media and the profound implications of mass media on human behavior from a social, cultural, and economic standpoint. 

Taught by media experts, our students take courses in production, media history, theory, and criticism along with liberal arts electives in ethics, philosophy, sociology, psychology and political science. This multi-dimensional approach will prepare you for a career in criticism, publishing, marketing, research, ethics, law or academia. 

Whichever avenue you choose, with our Media Studies degree, you will be a more conscious media consumer and uniquely prepared to navigate our media-driven age.