Majors & Programs

Stage & Production Management (BFA)

Hands-on project experience from day one will help you become an expert in managing stage productions.

The world of stage and production management is one of both immense technicality and intense creativity. Whether it’s replicating a busy city street one minute, only to transport the audience to a penthouse high above the clouds the next, it is the stage and production managers who ensure that every aspect of a production, from lighting and wardrobes to financing and casting, flows seamlessly and enhances the story unfolding before the audience’s eyes. 

With no shortage of talented actors and visionary directors, writers, and producers—and some of the most historic and dazzling theaters in the nation—students in the Stage & Production Management BFA learn by doing. Starting in their very first year, students are able to work on varied stage management and production supervision projects as well as in professional internships at Boston’s leading theaters. In addition to studying stage and production management, our students benefit from well-rounded course topics covering design and technology, directing, arts management, and related areas. The results are clear: Students graduate from this program as seasoned stage and production managers and leaders, ready to help tell powerful stories that move minds and, ultimately, influence culture.