Majors & Programs

Theatre Education (BFA)

Shape the next generation of young minds through theater.

People tend to think of theater as entertainment. For those of us in Theatre Education, however, theater is an inspiring learning experience. From exploring emotions to building confidence, from instilling empathy to encouraging a personal voice, learning the art of the stage nurtures children and young adults as few other learning experiences can.  

More than a century ago, Emerson was a pioneer in teaching theater for young audiences. That legacy is sustained today by our award-winning faculty—leaders in the field we helped to create.

Our program is grounded in the liberal arts and in the fundamentals of the dramatic arts. Students learn pedagogical tools that can be applied to many vibrant vocations, including careers in professional theater, community outreach, and teaching at all levels. 

By the time they complete their BFA and pass the Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure, our students will have met all the requirements of the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education–approved program leading to initial licensure as a teacher of theatre, all levels (pre-K to 12+).

We believe that education is a powerful shaper of society. When you learn to combine theater with education, you will be empowered to engage young minds—and to shape society’s next generation.