Majors & Programs

Theatre Education & Performance (BFA)

Inspire classrooms and communities by harnessing the experience of live stage performance.

More than 100 years ago, Emerson College was among the first colleges to teach theater arts to young audiences. Today, our Theatre Education & Performance (BFA) program integrates theater arts and education in classrooms, communities, and onstage. Our award-winning faculty comprises many leaders in the fields of theater education and acting.

Your learning is grounded in the liberal arts. On this you build your proficiency in acting—mastering the fundamentals of dramatic arts in our two-year Actor Training Core. Here you will take courses that cultivate your imagination, develop your discipline, and promote emotional availability. All performance majors at Emerson go through this intense experience, training together to understand themselves in their work.

You also have access to specialized acting classes and pedagogical tools that can be applied to various future careers, including work in professional theaters, community outreach, and the classroom

By the time you complete the BFA and pass the Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure, you will have met all the requirements of the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education–approved program leading to initial licensure as a teacher of theatre, all levels (pre-K to 12+).

Our students and faculty believe in the transformative power of theater. Harnessing the experience of stage performance in the classroom can be a revelation—and the start of a lifelong commitment to inspiring young minds and shaping society’s future.