Majors & Programs

Theatre & Performance (BFA)

Combine the rigor of sequential studio courses with the flexibility to explore a world of dramatic possibilities.

In the Theatre & Performance BFA, you start with two years in our Actor Training Core—a combination professional boot camp and artistic proving ground. You test yourself and those around you and build the mental muscles of a theatrical artist. 

After that, you choose from options based on your interests, aspirations, and your faculty mentor’s guidance. You may spend a semester at our Los Angeles campus, add a minor to your studies, or find the perfect internship, thus combining your studies to match your goals. All the while, you can continue to study acting from all angles during your junior and senior years by taking specialized classes in areas like action theater, dialects, and stage combat. Or you might immerse yourself in playwriting, directing, and dramaturgy. This program attracts and develops versatile artists who seek to gain the varied skills of an actor, a director, a solo performer, a fight choreographer, and more—in short, a true theater professional.

As a Theatre & Performance student, you are also eligible to audition for an Acting BFA. If accepted, you would instead concentrate with singular focus on the BFA Acting Studio: 14 hours a week of intense training for your last two years. 

With the Theatre & Performance BFA, the choices will be yours. The rewards will come to you, and to all of your future audiences with whom you get to share your voice along the way.