Emerson's Comedic Arts program extends beyond the classroom. Our program combines faculty and course material with the following opportunities to enrich your experience, helping you grow and succeed as both a student and comedian.

The Center for Comedic Arts

Learn about comedy from scholars and professionals by attending events, symposiums, and master classes. Participate in hands-on learning by participating in some of our regular offerings like stand-up workshops or our comedy showcase.

American Comedy Archive

Gain access to the American Comedy Archives, a treasure trove of primary source material unique to Emerson. Amplify your studies by steeping yourself in the archive’s collections and oral histories from some of the country’s funniest people. Also, take advantage of our partnership with ATASF, which grants students access to even more oral histories.

Comedy Troupes and Groups

Join one of Emerson’s 11 comedy troupes and groups or chart your path as a humor apprentice! Or, take the lead and start a new comedy troupe or group.

Professional Opportunities

Take advantage of Emerson’s strategic partnerships to interact with distinguished comedy professionals in workshops, lectures, and master classes. Our network will help you earn internships with studios, production companies, publications, and agencies.

Guest Speakers 

Meet and learn from Emerson alumni and other successful comedy professionals who visit campus throughout the year. 

Meet the guests here

Global Opportunities

London: From Shakespeare to Standup

Spend four weeks in London exploring the origins, evolution, and influence of British comedy as well as the city’s bustling nightlife laugh-scene of cutting-edge theater, stand-up clubs, and improv venues. Top this off with a trip to Scotland’s internationally renowned Edinburgh Festival Fringe and attend comedy shows at the largest arts festival in the world.

Emerson Around the World

From Paris to the Netherlands, China, Mexico, and more, see where Emerson could take you.