Combining the strengths of Emerson’s renowned Visual and Media Arts program (consistently rated as one of the top 10 film schools in the country) with the studio art instruction from the Paris College of Art, this program offers a wide range of film and art practices.

If you seek a more studio-based education that incorporates design thinking with modes of expression in drawing, painting, mixed media and sculpture and hands-on media education in film and video making, digital arts, and new media installation, then this is the program for you. Below is an overview of the program curriculum.

Year 1
Boston Summer VM100 History of Media Arts I     4
1 VM120 Foundations of Media Production     4
  VM110 Production Safety Workshop     0
  VM111 Boston Inside and Out     0
Paris Fall French French-level TBD     3
2 FLIB-0010     Paris Inside Out     0
  FILM-0120     Media-based Writing     3
  FLIB-1011     Critical Thinking and Writing I     3
  FILM-0130     Media Production I     3
Paris Spring FLIB-3400     Topics in French Civilization     3
3 FLIB-1012       
Critical Thinking and Writing II 3
  FILM-0210     Color Photography     3
  FILM-0140     Cinema Lighting I     3
Year 2
Boston Summer VM101     History of Media Arts II     4
4,5 VM230 Introduction to Film     4
  VM243 Introduction to Narrative Drama     4
  VM376 Introduction to Editing (Adobe Premiere)     4
Paris Fall Film-0250 Cinematography     4
6 Studio Elective Studio Elective (recommend Set Design)     2
  FLIB-2004     Liberal Arts - Science or Math     3
  FILM-0330     Media Production II     3
Paris spring FLIB-XXX     PCA General Elective  3
7 Studio Elective     Studio Elective     2
  FLIB-1105     Paris, Yesterday and Tomorrow     3
  VM250 Intro Sound Principles and Audio Prod     4
Year 3
Well Summer VM315     TOPICS: Art History "Representations of the Cultural Other in European Art"    4
8,9 VM331 TOPICS: Practice "Art of Documentary" 4
  TH372 TOPICS: Art History "Storytelling in Drama" 4
  VM331 TOPICS: Practice "Storytelling in Film" 4
Paris fall FILM-0400     BFA Project Conceptualization     3
10 FILM-0410 BFA Project Research Seminar    3
  FILM-440 BFA Project Management     2
  VM362 Motion Graphics 4
Paris spring  FILM-0430 BFA Project Production 6
11 Studio Elective Studio Elective 2
  VM221 Writing the Feature 4
year 4
boston summer VM409 Seminar: The Moving Image in Contemporary Art, 1990 - Present     4
12, 13 VM490 BFA Workshop     4
  VM437 BFA Project Presentation     4
  VM420 TOPICS: Simulating the Production House 4