What are the application requirements for the Global BFA in Film Art?

The requirements are the same as most other undergraduate programs at Emerson, with the exception that applicants will be required to submit an essay related to their desire to study in an intercontinental program like the Global BFA.

Is a creative sample required for admission consideration?

Yes, a creative sample is required in order to complete your application for the Global BFA in Film Art program. Learn more about the creative sample requirements.

Can I submit multiple films, scripts/screenplays or audio clips for my creative sample?

For these options, submit only your best piece, if multiple projects are sent then only one will be reviewed by the admission committee. Additionally, please submit a single complete work as opposed to an excerpt or reel.

What is the application deadline?

The application deadline for the Global BFA in Film Art is the same as for Emerson’s other undergraduate programs. View our deadlines.

For students admitted to the program, when is the deposit deadline and how much is the deposit? 

The deposit deadline is May 1. Admitted students must submit a deposit in the amount of $1,000 by this date to ensure that they do not lose their seat in the program. 

Are there any age restrictions for the program?

To be considered for the Global BFA in Film Art program, applicants must be 18 years old by August 15th during the summer term in which they wish to enroll. Students who are interested in learning about other academic programs at Emerson should reach out to the admission office for more information.

Does this program allow transfer applications?

Unfortunately at this time the structure of the curriculum does not allow for transfer student enrollment. 

This program is a co-degree. What does that mean?

In this program you will be a student of Paris College of Art during the academic year, and a student of Emerson College during the summer sessions. This unique arrangement will result in two distinct BFA degrees…one from PCA and one from Emerson College!

What does the academic calendar look like for this program? 

Once finalized, the academic calendar specific to the Global BFA in Film Art will be published online. The calendar, while demanding, does allow for breaks, with the longest one in January.

Will there be financial aid for the Global BFA in Film Art?

Yes. We encourage all admission applicants to apply for need-based financial aid using both the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (for US citizens) and the CSS Profile. Applicants do not need to apply using these applications if they are non-US citizens or only want to be considered for merit scholarships.

How will I know if I am eligible for a scholarship?

If admitted into the Global BFA in Film Art and awarded a scholarship, the recipient will be informed at the time of admission.

What if I want to visit Paris College of Art, but I find the cost of doing so a barrier?

Emerson College offers a $1,000 travel grant for students. However, students will need to travel to PCA for an Open House and enroll to be able to take advantage of the grant. There will also be opportunities for virtual visits, which may remove the necessity of an actual trip. More information related to virtual open houses will be shared with interested applicants and admitted students.

Is this a joint degree between two schools? Will both schools’ names appear on my diploma?

Yes. This is a BFA from both Paris College of Art and Emerson College.

What accreditations are held by the schools teaching the curriculum?

Emerson College maintains NEASC (New England Association of Schools and Colleges) Regional Accreditation and Paris College of Art is NASAD (National Association of Schools of Art and Design) Accredited. Both accrediting agencies have stringent requirements for quality and advancement of knowledge. 

Is travel between Boston, Paris, the Netherlands, and my home considered in my Tuition and Fees?

While travel expenses are considered in the Cost of Attendance for the program (which means that you can receive financial aid to help with costs), these expenses are not a part of the direct charges billed to students in the program. Each student will have a different overall cost based on where they originate their travel.

Where do I live if I enroll in the Global BFA in Film Art?

Housing will be provided to you while in Boston, Paris, and Kasteel Well (The Netherlands). Housing will be a separate line item on your billing statement.

During their first academic year in Paris, Global BFA students will live in furnished efficiency apartments in the 11th arrondissement, at 100 Rue Oberkampf, a five-story building with 192 student apartments. The building is owned by a private company, Les Estudines, and is already home to many PCA students and students studying abroad. The surrounding area includes cafes, a supermarket, a pharmacy, a bank, and the Republique Metro station with four train lines. The building is only fifteen minutes by Metro from PCA's campus. After the first academic year students have the option of living in the Estudines housing or finding their own housing in Paris.

How are meals provided?

Paris is renowned for its food, and most PCA students take advantage of the city’s vast culinary offerings by preparing meals at home, eating in local restaurants or from take-away shops in the neighborhood of the school. Additionally, through the CROUS, a public establishment of the French Ministry of Education, students have access to four restaurants and twenty university cafeterias where they can have a three-course meal for lunch or dinner for as little as 3.10 euros. For more information about university cafeterias, see the CROUS website.

When will my bill be due for the Global BFA if I start the program in the Summer term?

Emerson will ask that balances will be paid in full by the start of the semester/term and will communicate deadlines well in advance of enrollment decisions.

Must I be full-time to enroll in the Global BFA in Film Art?

Yes. It is anticipated that you will enroll and graduate with your cohort. Any deviations from the academic plan would need to be approved by the Provosts at both Emerson College and Paris College of Art.

What types of student services are available to students while at Emerson College and Paris College of Art?

While in Boston for the three summer sessions, students will have access to Emerson's student services; however, some offices or facilities may have limited or varied hours during the summer. When students are in Paris during the academic year, they will have access to PCA's student services. Learn more about Emerson’s student services and Paris College of Art’s student services.

Will I need to purchase health insurance?

You will be enrolled automatically in the Cigna Global Medical Policy. This policy is designed to meet the needs of students who study outside the US for extended periods of time. Students will have access to the largest global network of healthcare providers, telehealth and student assistance services. Students will have first-dollar coverage outside of the US, and low-cost share in the US when a network provider is chosen. Out-of-network benefits are also covered at a higher cost share. You must also apply for a French Social Security Number and enroll in the French Health Insurance system while in Paris.

What types of internships will be available to me while in Boston and in Paris?

The list of opportunities is in development and will be published once finalized. It is anticipated that there will be many different options for professional development while enrolled in this program. 

How do I obtain a visa to study in Paris?

Visit the Visa Information page for detailed instructions on how to obtain your French long-stay visa. 

How can I transfer out of this program and enroll at Emerson College or Paris College of Art full-time?

Current students in the Global BFA in Film Art program looking to explore new opportunities and enroll in another program at Emerson or PCA will be required to meet with the program directors at each institution. Approval may be granted at the discretion of both universities in rare cases.

How can I transfer into this program if I am already enrolled at Emerson College or Paris College of Art full-time?

Students currently enrolled in another program at Emerson College or Paris College of Art looking to join the Global BFA in Film Art will be required to meet with the program directors at each institution. Approval may be granted at the discretion of both universities in rare cases. 

Can I formally apply to another program at Emerson College or Paris College of Art if I fully withdraw from the Global BFA in Film Art? 

Students who have fully withdrawn from the Global BFA in Film Art will need to wait two semesters before applying for reconsideration to another program at Emerson College or Paris College of Art.

Have additional questions?

Please reach out to Erik Osborne, Associate Director of Admission, by emailing frederik_osborne [at] emerson.edu (frederik_osborne[at]emerson[dot]edu) or by calling 617-824-8600.