At Emerson, everything is done with enthusiasm and passion. This passion is seen in the way we work, the way we create, and the way we care. At Emerson, care is more than just a feeling of empathy, it’s putting your care into action. It’s looking out for one another to make sure nobody struggles alone. It’s listening to all concerns, from the smallest issues to larger challenges.

Let’s celebrate our care. Let’s share it with the same excitement and pride that we share all our passions. Because sharing our care means strengthening our ability to help and understand one another.

Let’s express our care as only Emerson can. Let’s Care Out Loud.

Share a Concern

Share a concern about a student who may be struggling with academic, personal or emotional challenges, exhibiting concerning behavior or dealing with a difficult situation.

Student Toolkit

Are you worried about a friend, or have questions about your own mental and physical health? View our helpful resources for students.

Faculty & Staff Toolkit

Have questions about classroom accommodations? Worried about a student or colleague? Check out the faculty and staff toolkit for more information.