Emerson students are renowned for their independent spirit. They tend to speak up, express themselves, and pursue rewarding careers in communication and the arts.  

But the College has an important role to play, too, as students acquire knowledge and develop professional skills. Our role is to make sure that every Emerson student feels safe and welcome in our classes, studios, residence halls, and other facilities. To do this, we provide a variety of support services for times of need and guidance along the path toward personal development. 

From your first day of orientation until your walk across the stage at commencement, Emerson’s professional staff and counselors will listen, guide, empower, and support you as your interests and concerns evolve. 

Intercultural Student Affairs

Discover resources and programs that support, encourage, and seek to engender an empowering and inclusive atmosphere for all students of color and LGBTQ+ students.

Career Development Center

Explore our on-campus hub for career education, resources, and experiential learning opportunities for students and alumni, with services like resume and cover letter review, interview preparation, and individual career counseling.

Healing and Advocacy Collective

The Healing and Advocacy Collective works with students, employees, and community partners to lead comprehensive and innovative prevention strategies, foster a culture of courageous community responsibility and activism, and offer trauma-informed confidential support. 

Office of Student Success

Students may encounter obstacles or difficulties associated with college life—academic, financial, personal, interpersonal, or wellness—or simply seek greater connection and support. The Office of Student Success helps students to explore their options, navigate campus systems, and connect to services, supports, and each other. And sometimes, we just listen.