Majors & Programs

Marketing Communication (BS)

Become a marketing leader in any field in this hands-on program.

Marketing communication is a powerhouse field. It offers a specific set of tools for understanding human behavior, motivating people to act, and engaging with audiences in a meaningful way. It sounds critically important—and is. 

In Emerson’s Marketing Communication major, you learn to research how consumers make decisions, how voters evaluate candidates, and what factors move the minds of a whole generation. You figure out how to develop vibrant brands and advertising that has emotional punch. You sharpen your writing and presenting skills—so that you can express your vision and help others see and feel it too. And you immerse yourself in real-world work through internships, student-run marketing groups, and entrepreneurship competitions.

Our graduates can solve marketing problems wherever they have a passion to make their mark—in entertainment or sports, natural or virtual worlds, physical sciences or the arts, a social cause or a cultural trend. 

As a marketing communication professional with an Emerson degree, you will be able to influence stakeholders and build organizations—all while applying your academic and real-world experiences to issues you care about.