WARC Self-Access Resources

The WARC hosts 2 Canvas courses with an array of valuable self-access materials. Students can self-enroll in the WARC English Language Forum. The ELF offers various resources for writing, citing sources properly, and general academic support. Many valuable resources are hosted on the ELF for students and faculty to self-access, including the “Working with Research and Avoiding Plagiarism Quiz,” international student success materials, and general writing, study skills, and academic enhancement tools. 

Students can also self-enroll in WARC Self-Assessments. This course houses grammar and English language use assessments and the “Time Management & Study Strategies Self-Assessment,” a valuable tool for better understanding how you learn and providing insights and solutions for different types of learners.

Adjusting to Emerson College

Though it may take you a bit of time to adjust to the academic and social life at Emerson, be assured that most students adjust quite successfully and look back on their undergraduate and graduate study as a very positive experience.

If you are having adjustment concerns, please take advantage of the resources we provide at the WARC and Emerson College's many other student services. Being both proactive and patient will help in your adjustment.

If you have any questions, please contact the WARC by calling 617-824-7874 to make an appointment with one of our full time staff. For more information about making an appointment, visit our contact page.