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Health and Social Change

Find solutions to healthcare problems through the lens of social justice.

Develop an understanding of how societal and cultural issues affect health and learn how to enact change in our Health and Social Change program.

It’s time we take a new approach to human health. Issues of race, class, the environment, access, technology, and more contribute to individual, societal, and global health. As the next generation of health professionals, you must explore these complex issues from a variety of disciplinary perspectives in order to influence the structures, policies, and systemic issues that plague our society and human health. As a civically-minded, socially-conscious person, you are aware of the shortcomings of the healthcare system in addressing these issues. You want to figure out how to create real, lasting change that will have a positive impact on society. You know that improving healthcare demands a foundational understanding of how these issues, systems, structures, and policy intersect and affect one another.

Emerson’s Health and Social Change program not only provides you with this core understanding, it goes beyond traditional health sciences, health management, or public health programs to examine how to create a new culture of health that engages social justice, communication, and the arts. It’s for the activist who seeks to impact global healthcare policy and practice through the lens of social justice, equity, and inclusion. This program will help you develop the skills and tools you need to implement cultural, policy, and social change around the globe.

If you’re someone who wants to examine cultural and societal issues in order to improve healthcare, this major is for you.

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If we want people to adopt healthier behaviors, we have to make healthier places to live and work. And where we can’t do that, we at least have to acknowledge how our communities directly influence our health.