Majors & Programs

Stage & Screen Design/Technology (BFA)

Become an expert at bringing performances to life through design for stage, TV, and film.

The designers and technicians who bring performances to life are key members of the cast and express a distinct artistic point of view just as surely as if they were in front of the camera or on stage.
Sets, lighting, sound, music, costumes, props—all are critical elements of any performance, whether onstage or onscreen. Without creative forces determining these nuances, a potentially immersive experience quickly becomes lifeless and stale. Emerson’s Stage & Screen Design/Technology BFA helps aspiring designers and technicians master their art form while discovering their artistic voice.
This interdisciplinary program was purpose-built to give you the knowledge needed to work across theater, television, and film. You will learn skills like set design, costuming, makeup, and rendering from award-winning faculty and accomplished industry veterans. You will have access to world-class production and design facilities, and be able to participate in production projects at our Boston and Los Angeles campuses. You’ll also have access to coveted internships through our impressive and close-knit network of alumni, many of whom are award winners in this field. 
If you want the flexibility to apply your craft across both stage and screen, this unique but challenging program may be right for you. If you’re interested, you can first apply to our Theatre Design/Technology BFA, then commence the Stage & Screen program in your second year. 
We believe that it takes true artists to add depth and dynamism to the performances that audiences see onstage and onscreen. This BFA degree will help you unleash your creativity and build a show-stopping artistic career—because even though you may be behind the scenes, your masterpieces will be front and center.