Any College-owned computer equipment will be supported and maintained by Emerson IT when possible. If the original manufacturer's warranty is still in place, most repairs will be free-of-charge. Some support scenarios will not be available free-of-charge to the department, e.g, if the warranty has expired, or if the required support is not covered by the warranty. In certain cases, hardware may be deemed irreparable, and will need to be replaced outside of its normal lifecycle at a cost to the user's department. All College-owned computers are subject to tracking and usage monitoring. Such tracking allows Emerson IT to gather statistics about software usage, hardware data, as well as computer lifecycle management data that is vital to maintaining an efficient computer network. Computers in a shared lab or classroom environment are subject to 24-hour monitoring, for administration and maintenance purposes.

During a support call for your personal computer or non-lab/classroom workstation, the IT Help Desk may request a screen-sharing session. The session only connects with your explicit permission, and your screen will only be viewable to the technician with your further explicit permission. When your session is ended, the technician will no longer have access to your computer and the screen-sharing software is automatically removed from your computer.

Emerson IT will also assist in diagnosing software and hardware issues with personally-owned laptops, but are prohibited from making hardware repairs. Personally-owned laptops may be dropped off at the IT Help Desk for service and diagnosis. However, Emerson assumes no liability or responsibility for any loss or damage to personally-owned devices that are serviced or diagnosed by the IT Help Desk, nor does Emerson assume any responsibility for any data that may be contained on such devices.