In an effort to maintain the operational and technological quality of computer equipment on campus, Emerson strives to replace computers and related equipment on a schedule, balancing new technologies with cost savings.

Computers in general used across campus will be replaced roughly every four years, sometimes more frequently when the situation demands. IT will also make routine hardware assessments to upgrade the performance of said computers within that upgrade window. Associated equipment, such as monitors, will be replaced when their useful life has ended.

If a department chooses to upgrade a computer that is still functioning, they may elect to redeploy it internally or return it to IT. If redeploying internally, the department should contact the IT Help Desk to have the computer wiped and installed in its new location. If returning to IT, further use of the computer will be at IT's discretion. If it is deemed usable, all data on the computer will be permanently erased and the computer redistributed within the College.