Emerson College labs and print kiosks provide faculty, staff and students with access to black & white and color laser printers and photo inkjet printers. Each semester, $10.00 of printing credit is added to every student's Emerson ID. ECcash is used to pay for any additional printing. Printing costs vary by the type of printer used and the size of the paper being printed on.

Whether due to network, hardware, or simply human error, sometimes printing can go awry. If you encounter trouble while attempting to print, and wish to request a refund for printing costs you were charged, and/or assistance in re-printing your document, please visit the IT Help Desk, Walker Building, 4th floor. The College retains full discretion to decide when and whether to issue refunds or reprints to users who experienced printing errors. However, in all cases, users must show evidence of the error which can be verified by the Help Desk, before a reprint or refund can be considered.

Some instances where a refund or reprint will be granted:

  • The user was incorrectly charged for the job
    • Charged for two pages for a double-sided print job
    • Charged for color on a black-and-white printer
  • The user accidentally printed someone else's job
    • The touchscreen lagged or selected the incorrect command
  • The printout is unsatisfactory
    • Smudged/faded job (toner or fuser issue)
    • Crumpled/ripped pages (paper jam or tray issue)
  • The printer is unresponsive/incapable of performing
    • Printer hardware failure
    • Loss of network connection after job payment

Instances where a refund or reprint will not be considered:

  • Most kinds of user error, including but not limited to the following: The user unintentionally submits the job to the color printer (at 50 cents per page) instead of sending the job to a black-and-white printer; the user prints too many copies, or the user did not check number of pages, image size, etc.

If it is determined by the Help Desk that the user merits a reprint, the Help Desk will make best effort to assist the user in reprinting their document on-site at the time it is reported.

If the Help Desk determines that the user merits a refund, an IT service ticket will be created to coordinate the credit. Users will typically see the refund processed back onto the Emerson ID card within 48-72 hours.